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Why Choose Vanquish Pest Management


Minor Crawlspace Cleanup/ Repair

Let’s talk about your home.  Your crawl space under your house is the most common place where mice nest, usually up between the floor and the insulation.


I have also found mice nesting in air ducts, gaining access by chewing their way in.  If you suspect you have a problem with mice, we can help!  At Vanquish Pest Management, we perform the most thorough kind of inspection to rid your home of mice. We’ll even check the crawlspace and attic if needed.


Ants are probably the most known, and the most annoying! They get into everything, and eat anything in their paths. 

They even damage trim, floors, and other parts of your home from the tunnels they drill.

We use an environmentally friendly treatment to rid the ants from your home, and KEEP them away!

Ants close-up. Ants family. Little black ants are at work. Ants with prey at the entrance

Our Services

Why Choose Vanquish Pest Management

wild brown norway rat, rattus norvegicus, sitting on a board in a wooden wall.jpg

House Mice

House mice are often overlooked but can be a significant problem due to their ability to carry diseases and create an unsettling feeling when they infest homes. They are prolific breeders and can enter homes through tiny spaces, fitting through holes the size of a dime. These mice vary in color, including white, light brown, dark brown, silver, gray, or black, and can have dual coloration. Despite their poor eyesight, their excellent hearing makes them elusive to predators. Common nesting areas in homes include crawl spaces, particularly between the floor and insulation, and air ducts, where they can chew their way in. Vanquished Pest Management offers thorough inspections and solutions for homes infested with mice, including checking crawl spaces and attics.

Box Elder Bugs and Beetles

While they may not put anything in danger or hurt anything, box elder bugs and beetles can be really annoying! At times, these box elder bugs completely cover your walls and windows. Most pest control companies say they can't treat for these, and the ones who do, are not effective! 

We use our special spray to treat around windows and trim so when the bugs crawl over it, they die and disappear! 

Call us today and set up a free appointment!

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